Welcome To KDC Educational Institute

Established on April 12th, 2008 by Mr. Kamal Kumar Sharma, KDC Classes, is a coaching institute synonymous with perseverance and hard work. Backed up by intelligent and efficient teaching and managing staff, the institute strives for continuous success and perfection.

A vision to aid every student to attain their dreams and potential, the institute leaves no stone unturned to provide students with nothing but the best.

Success Stories

A truly student-centered learning experience leads to success for everyone involved.

Student success occurs when students find meaning or purpose in their institute experience and make connections between what they’re learning in institute and their current life or future goals.

Institutional success is achieved through a combination of student and faculty success. Institutions that achieve this typically implement administrative goals that
are simple, effective, and focus on completion, enrollment, and retention.

Our Courses

Secondary Level

For class 6th to 10th
Classes for all subject
are available 

Sr. Secondary Level

Science stream

Commerce stream 


UG & PG Courses

Entrance Level 
Graduation Level

Professional Courses


About Us

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